AA603 Tilt & Slide Door

The Kawneer AA®603TE Tilt Slide Door is available in a variety of single or double tilt slide combinations providing flexibility to suit individual project requirements. The Door is especially user friendly.  Sliders in the top guide rail and high precision bearings in the wheels ensure that even large and heavy doors operate with ease and very smoothly, giving the end user extra peace of mind.

This Tilt Slide Door has been installed in applications such as executive homes, flats and apartments in a variety of colour options.


Product Features

  • Tilt for ventilation and slide for access
  • The doors can be opened from the inside or outside, allowing internal or external access to the building
  • Handles suite with Tilturn window handles
  • A spring buffer prevents the sash from being opened too far
  • Suites with the AA®601TE Casement, AA®602TE Pivot, AA®603TE Tilturn, Kawneer Curtain Walling and Framing products
  • Extremely stable for sash weights up to 150kg

With the decisive advantage of...
  • Flexibility
  • Ideal choice for balcony doors
  • Aesthetics
  • Safety in operation and use
  • Total design flexibility. Offering total project solutions
  • Large vents can be specified for maximum air flow and light into the building

The AA®603TE Tilt Slide Door is a pressure equalised system crimped with mechanical corner cleats.  Weathering is achieved by the use of single and dual durometer, EPDM gaskets, all with non-shrinkage cord.

Weather Performance
Air Permeability Grade C
Watertightness 600Pa
Resistance to Windload 2400Pa