190 Narrow Stile Commercial Door

Kawneer design, engineer and manufacture complete door systems for any application.  High standards of processing ensure equally high standards of performance throughout the lifetime of Kawneer products.

The 190 Narrow Style Door All-purpose door, recommended for use in heavy traffic areas and automatic entrances.  The 190 Door can be installed with the 'Finger Guard' option, which safeguards against injury to fingers accidentally caught between the hinge stile and frame.


Product Features
  • 190 Door independently tested to PAS 23 and PAS 24 Standards
  • 'Dual Moment' welded door construction
  • Finger Guard Options (standard option on 190)
  • Robust Door
  • Internal and external applications
  • Single, double action, auto swing and bi-parting doors
  • Wide range of thresholds including low thresholds
  • Special profiles available
With the decisive advantage of...
  • Enhanced security performance of single and double leaf external doors
  • Supported by a Kawneer Lifetime Guarantee offering peace of mind
  • Protects against trapped fingers when opening and closing, a child-friendly feature
  • Suitable for medium, heavy and severe duty applications
  • Flexibility of design
  • Offering flexibility for a wide range of solutions
  • Document M compliance
  • Powered operation
Kawneer door systems have been proved by stringent laboratory testing.  Strong construction, quality materials, precision engineering, proven hardware and attention to detail are the dependable performance features found in all Kawneer door systems.

'Dual Moment' Corner Construction
The 'Dual Moment' welded corner is the strongest aluminium door construction available.  All four corners are welded four times and fastened mechanically.  Rigorous testing has verified its durability and exceptional strength.

Fully adjustable weathered astragals are standard on the lock stiles.  All permissible tolerances are thus accumulated at the meeting stiles where an adjustment to the astragal, can compensate.  Binding or gaps can be corrected by a simple adjustment.  Glazing beads push directly into the door section to enhance weathering and ease of glazing.

Security *
Kawneer's 190 Door has been tested to the PAS 23 and PAS 24 Standards for the enhanced security performance of single and double leaf external doors, proven by stringent laboratory testing, carried out at the Building Research Establishment (BRE).  The 190 Door meets light, medium and heavy use specifications and is suitable for internal and external doors in all types of buildings from dwellings right through to public use doors in offices, shops and hospitals.

* Does not refer to standard hardware, security hardware required.