AA602TE Pivot Window

The Kawneer AA®602TE Pivot Window is based on the tried and tested design principles of the Kawneer AA®600TE Series Window & Door System.  The Pivot window is available in horizontal or vertical applications which makes it a suitable window for most instances.

The AA®602TE Pivot is especially user friendly with the chamfered vent for ease of operation; this with the unique gasketed pivot that remains watertight without the use of sealants gives the end user peace of mind.


The addition of an automatic restrictor of 10 or 15 degrees makes operation and safety in use paramount.  This, coupled with the ventilation at the top and bottom of the window for full circulation of air makes the pivot the first choice for hospitals and offices.  The vertical pivot complies with HTM 55 / BS 8213 which makes it suitable for hospitals, schools and residential apartments.

Product Features
  • Horizontal or vertical pivot options
  • Chamfered vent
  • Option of Trickle ventilation
  • Multi-point locking with corner drives
  • Available with integral automatic restrictor with 10° and 15° and reverse stop at 170° with integral adjustable friction mechanism active from 0° to 170°
  • Option of two safety face mounted restrictors
  • The pivot operation is exclusively designed for Kawneer
  • Colour co-ordinated pivots and handles
  • Adjustable friction on the pivot mechanism
  • Suites with AA®601TE Casement, AA®603TE Tilturn, AA®605TE Door, Kawneer Curtain Walling and 451PT Framing

With the decisive advantage of...
  • Total flexibility. Can offer continuous air flow assisting compliance to Document F
  • Offers excellent aesthetics coupled with smooth and positive operation for the end user
  • Can help meet the requirements of Document F
  • Added security
  • Offers safety in operation and use
  • Offers safety in operation and compliance with HTM 55 and BS 8213 of 100mm initial opening
  • Designed to suit the extrusion for exceptional aesthetics and performance
  • Aesthetics to suit project requirements
  • Can be adjusted to meet the needs of the project application meeting the needs of the end user
  • Total design flexibility. Offering total project solutions